Shorinji Kempo FAU Branch Leadership

The following are the leadership members of the FAU Branch:

During graduate school in Illinois during the late 1970s, through judo, he met an excellent nidan judo player from Japan - Tadashi Negishi - who was also the Shorinji Kempo Branch Master at the University. Dr Tondo studied with Negishi-BM for many years.

After moving to Florida, Dr Tondo met Dr Messersmith-BM and trained with him, attaining the nidan level in Shorinji Kempo in 1987. Dr Tondo continued studying and teaching Shorinji Kempo in Boca Raton, Florida, until 1993.

There were a few years without any sensei available until Dr Messersmith-BM started a new Branch at FIU. After teaching, learning, and working out at FIU for over four years we received permission from Dr Messersmith-BM, Tanaka-BM - USA Representative with WSKO, and the World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO) to start the Shorinji Kempo FAU Branch in January of 2008. We received the final approval for the Branch from WSKO on May 24, 2008.

Among the FAU Shorinji Kempo coaches and myself we have many years of experience in Shorinji Kempo and we hope we can help those interested in learning this beautiful and effective martial art. We hope the FAU and PBCC students/faculty will take the time to join with us and learn Shorinji Kempo.

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I started practicing Shorinji Kempo in Porto Alegre Brazil in 1979, under Sensei Matsuo Ushida. I miss him dearly for his kindness and honesty and for his way of teaching. I was also privileged to have such instructors like Sensei Odilon Gomes Santiago Filho, Sensei Clovis Guimaraes de Souza, and Sensei Marcus Possera who help me shape my life and my character as a young man. I am thankful to them and many others for their unconditional help and friendship.

In 1990 I immigrated to the United States of America and I met Sensei Eric Messersmith who welcomed me to his Miami Branch. He introduced me to Sensei Clovis Tondo who help thru difficult times in my life in America and we became great friends till this day.

I am thankful to him and many other friends I meth thru Shorinji Kempo. To end this short bio I want to agree with Kaiso's words: "The person, the person, the person, everything depends on the quality of the person." That was also the best teaching that my first Sensei Matsuo Ushida passed to me in my younger years.

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I was first introduced to Shorinji Kempo while observing a training session featuring Kimura-sensei in Buffalo in 1984. After returning to New York City, my interest in Shorinji Kempo continued under Miyata-sensei training for many years.

I received my Shodan rank and attended the International Taikai at the World Shorinji Kempo headquarters in Tadostu, Japan in 1989.

After a brief absence, I started training again in Miami in 2007 with Messersmith-sensei from the FIU branch until the creation of the FAU branch in May 2008. I am now an assistant coach under the direction of Tondo-sensei and Eduardo-sensei.

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Drew Nathanson is the Shorinji Kempo FAU Branch secretariat and handles all the necessary branch paperwork. Drew started Shorinji Kempo under Sensei Eric Messersmith from the Miami branch in 1988 and Sensei Tondo from the satellite branch in Boca Raton until the creation of the FAU Branch in May of 2008.

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